About us

Amferia AB is a Swedish Med-Tech Company founded in 2018 as a spin-off from Chalmers University of Technology located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Amferia’s proprietary technology is a result of several years of research from Chalmers and is patent protected. Our team consists of scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs and visionaries.

Our team members have been seminal in driving change before and we believe we can do it again. Read on to know who we are...


CEO and Co-founder

Anand Kumar Rajasekharan

Anand is a scientist and entrepreneur who is driven to bring new life-science technologies for improving human health. Anand holds a PhD in Materials Science from Chalmers University of Technology and is the inventor of the material platform serving Amferia’s healthcare technology. Anand is the inventor of two patents and has published in high impact scientific journals such as Advanced Materials and Nature Communications. Today, he leads Amferia’s business and technical development portfolio.

Contact Anand   at  anandk@amferia.com


CTO and Co-founder

Saba Atefyekta

Saba is a passionate entrepreneur and scientist. Saba holds a MSc. in Materials Science and currently pursuing her PhD in Materials Science at Chalmers University of Technology. Saba is the inventor of the antibacterial platform serving Amferia’s technology. Saba has published her work in high impact scientific journals such as Acta Biomaterialia and has in-depth knowledge on the IP sector of the technology. Today, she leads Amferia’s antibacterial and product design portfolio.

Co-founder and Chairman of Board

Martin Andersson

An entrepreneur and academic with long experience, Martin's vision is to bring innovative medical technology to positively impact human lives. Martin is Professor of Materials Science at Chalmers University and Chairman of Amferia AB. Martin has over 10 years’ experience in medical device research and antibacterial materials with nearly 100 scientific publications in prestigious journals such as Nature Communications, Advanced Materials and Nano Letters. He has also previously started-up a biomaterials company for bone and dental implants with successful implementation of products into the market and in patients. Martin has strong background with strategies for regulatory filing, IP, scale-up and marketing and he possesses expert knowledge on fundamental science and prototyping work for device development.

R&D Engineer

Edvin Blomstrand


Edvin is a skilled bioengineer who is an expert in material design and antimicrobial technology and assessment. Edvin has a MSc degree in Biotechnology from Chalmers University of Technology. At Amferia, Edvin drives the product design and device optimization.

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