Amferia develops efficient anti-infective medical devices that prevent bacterial infections including those caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Our focus today is within wound care, producing preventive care wound patches to avoid antibiotic resistant skin infections.

Amferia’s CTO Presenting our Technology at the Annual Women in Tech Conference, 2020

Amferia’s Wound Care Patch

Amferia’s wound dressing is a hydrogel attached with antimicrobial peptides (AMP). AMPs are powerful molecules inspired from mammalian immune system that rapidly and selectively kills bacteria including antibiotic resistant bacteria by rapidly disrupting cell membrane. This can efficiently treat or prevent infections, (for example at a wounded skin). The dressing is completely non-toxic to mammalian cells and does not contribute to increased resistance. The product has been tested preclinically in wound infections, researched from Chalmers University.

 Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance (ABR) happens when bacteria develops resistance against our antibiotics. This makes simple infections such as skin wound infections lethal. Today, we are in a situation where many types of bacteria has evolved to an extent where, none of our antibiotics work against them. The World Health Organization estimates ABR to become a leading healthcare threat to humanity by 2050.