Fighting Antibiotic Resistance with 

Preventive Care


Hygienkonferens 22-23 oktober 2019

Amferia exhibiting at the Veterinary Hygiene Conference 2019, Knivsta, Sweden.

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Amferia wins the Start-up of the Year award at Venture Cup Sweden 2019!

The Jury's Motivation for Amferia!

“With its disruptive solution, the team has the opportunity to shake several industries as they tackle one of humanity’s greatest global threats. By addressing a world problem, millions of lives will be saved. By changing the behavior of the consumer, there is also the potential to reform the market.”

“Med sin disruptiva lösning har teamet en möjlighet att skaka om flera branscher när de tacklar ett av mänsklighetens största globala hot. Genom att angripa ett världsproblem kommer miljontals liv att kunna räddas. Genom att förändra beteende hos konsumenten finns det även potential till att reformera marknaden.”

Amferia develops innovative medical devices to provide solutions to the global antibiotic resistance crisis. Amferia’s core focus is preventive healthcare where the goal is to provide highly efficient anti-infective medical devices that can prevent bacterial infections including those caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria. Our dominant focus is within the wound care sector, producing preventive care wound patches for the pressing need to avoid antibiotic resistant skin infections. Amferia’s proprietary anti-infective technology is a result of several years of research from Chalmers University of Technology and is patent protected.

Amferia’s Antibacterial Wound Care Technology

Future and why combating?

Antibiotic resistance (ABR) happens when bacteria develops resistance against our antibiotics. This makes simple infections such as skin wound infections lethal. Today, we are in a situation where many types of bacteria has evolved to an extent where, none of our antibiotics work against them. The world health organization estimates ABR to become a leading cause of heathcare threat to humanity by 2050.